Tech Salaries After the Covid-19 Pandemic: Will They Change?

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the tech industry like no other. First, it increased the demand like never before. People rely on technology for working, learning, interacting, shopping, and even entertainment. Secondly, it prompted a transition into remote working faster than never before. Here is how that could impact salaries in the long run. ...
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International Consulting Podcast:Digital Nomad With Child - With Laura Georgieff, Frugal For Luxury

Being a Digital Nomad in family with kids is very different from being alone, which most digital nomads are, but it is very possible and actually seems very rewarding according to Laura! Her 4 best tips to be a successful digital nomad with child:...
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7 Expert Tips On Web Icon Sets Usage And Benefits

Are You Wondering About Using An Icon Set For Your Web Site And Which One To Choose? These Expert Tips Might Just Convince You About What Many Professional Web Developer Already Know: It Is Much Easier To Search Icons From An Included Icon Set, Than To Find Icons One By One And Find A Way To Make Them Somehow Consistent Together....
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