International Consulting Podcast:Digital Nomad With Child - With Laura Georgieff, Frugal For Luxury

Being a Digital Nomad in family with kids is very different from being alone, which most digital nomads are, but it is very possible and actually seems very rewarding according to Laura! Her 4 best tips to be a successful digital nomad with child:

  • be flexible,
  • learn to let go,
  • don't overstress the school,
  • ... and watch the videocast to find out her last tip!

Are you ready to take a leap and become a digital nomad with your family?

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She is the mother of three crazy kiddos (ages 5 to 8), and, with her husband, form a wonderful tag team. She started blogging because she truly believes that their lifestyle enables them to enjoy the luxurious life they’ve always dreamt of. She loves sharing their luxury family travels as they discover and experience destinations near and far. Expect to be taken around the world with them, as they travel and cruise to exotic destinations.
She is the mother of three crazy kiddos (ages 5 to 8), and, with her husband, form a wonderful tag team. She started blogging because she truly believes that their lifestyle enables them to enjoy the luxurious life they’ve always dreamt of. She loves sharing their luxury family travels as they discover and experience destinations near and far. Expect to be taken around the world with them, as they travel and cruise to exotic destinations.

Watch the videocast, listen to the podcast: Digital Nomad With Child - With Laura Georgieff, Frugal For Luxury

#1 introduction: digital nomad with child - with Laura Georgieff, frugal for luxury

Hello and welcome to this episode of international consulting podcast - i am today with Laura Georgieff she is a travel blogger and influencer for her own blog frugal for luxury - hello Laura! 

Hi how are you good thanks and yourself?

I'm good thank you! So on top of being a travel blogger and influencer, you are also a digital nomad with kids, with child, you have several kids right, three of them? 

Yeah they're aged five seven and eight.

Whoa! And you are traveling together for nine months now, right? 

Yeah we've been on the road for nine months. We left our home in  Orlando, Florida   back in January 2020 and visited the pacific islands when the COVID crisis hit the world and instead of flying  To Japan   and visiting the Asian region we flew to Europe.

We have European passports that allowed us to come back in and spent some time isolating  In Germany   at my husband's moms and when the European continent reopened for travel we left again.

So we've been on the road again from i guess since June 15th, so it's been two and a half months circling over Europe.

Wow that's amazing! And you are traveling with your family: your husband, your kids, the five of you - it's like a lot of planning or are you still able to? 

Yeah it took a lot of planning we spent about i guess we've had the idea of that trip for about a year prior to leaving, we spent about six months planning and there was that whole time right in the middle where so you plan a lot at the beginning you buy a few plane tickets and then there's not much happening.

Kind of like planning your wedding. And then comes the rush of leaving where you need to you know make sure everything's ready, you've got all of your clothes together ,all the things you need to bring with you, put your house on the market whatever you decide to do with some of your assets, and get going.

So all in all yes six to nine months of planning and then there's the daily planning so i work quite a bit on my business and leave all of the planning up to my husband to figure out and he's been amazing with that, thankfully.

But I'd say he spends a good hour two hours a day planning what we'll do the day before and looking at two or three days ahead of us.

With the COVID situation obviously the planning looks very different than it did at the beginning of the trip we stopped planning for next week we planned for tomorrow, we don't book any accommodations until the day of - because we never know that we'll actually get to the new country, get to the new place until a few hours before we need to sleep somewhere.

So the planning looks very different but all in all there's just a lot of travel planning happening on a daily basis.

So your husband is planning and you are working? 

And i work yes - so i have a vlog I'm a family lifestyle and family travel blogger and influencer so i spent a ton of time behind the camera shooting my kids and not much of a bit of i just take a ton of pictures which i spend a lot of time editing every day so i can't fall behind because i have hundreds of pictures that i take every day.

I'm behind the camera filming some of our experiences and some of the destinations and then we get home and once everybody's in bed i use some of that time to get some work done on the blog and on social media.

So there's just a lot of engaging writing editing and publishing.

You do everything, you write, you shoot videos, you do a video editing, you you have an Instagram profile as well with photographs. So you do also some photo editing? 

I do 100 of it-we should all of our own pictures so we don't travel with a photographer we just i do all of the the photo taking i try to edit them if there's a long stretch i wrote because it's just gonna be so many pictures and so much things to do in a very short amount of time.

Once we get to the destination that things need to happen throughout the day as well and then just posting on social media and make sure that i engage with my audience and some of the other people in the niche and we have a YouTube channel so I'll be editing some of those movies and posting them, and then anything that i write needs to be marketed on the different social channels.

Whether i spend time on Pinterest Facebook twitter i just need to make sure that the information gets in front of my audience.

So all of that takes it's hard to put a number on it but i would say i work usually my cell phone tells me that I've spent on average eight and a half hours of my day on my phone.

A lot of that happens very late into the night i do look outside of the window when we travel I'm not just on my phone doing some work but i do spend a fair amount of work off time workings that said put in seven eight hours a day it just happens when we're not sightseeing and doing some of the the travel life or homeschooling because we home-school.

Well obviously i know that a lot of people that would like to become traveling influencer or blogger they think it's as easy as taking pictures and sharing them with their networks but it's much more complicated than that.

It really is when we work with destinations i think it takes me 40 to 60 hours for me to get everything ready to a point where i can be proud of sending out that last email saying hey this is the coverage that i provided for your destination.

So we can go on a two-hour canoe trip we just did one of those  In Finland   last week it's a two-hour canoe trip, it's about 40 to 50 hours of work behind that, so there's a lot more than just shooting and posting.

There's a lot of editing, a lot of things going into making sure that the information gets to where i wanted to, there's just a lot of work behind being an influencer and a blogger if you want to do your job well and be successful.

I have a question: do you have a backlog now? 

I have probably enough content for the next three - I'm actually worried because i probably have enough content for the next three years of posting on average when we're home i post about three articles a week.

I'm just worried about posting pictures in three weeks of my kids being five seven and eight when they'll be eight ten and eleven because that's gonna start looking weird!

So I'm gonna be working through some of that content quicker and then keeping some of my most general content for later and into the time. But i do have a list on my phone just notes that i take of you know article ideas popping up.

So the good thing is I'm probably not gonna be hitting that writer's block anytime soon!

But there's just going to be a lot of work coming in which is great. It's a great problem to have in your blogger.

I also have a backlog myself so i totally understand! It's a good thing and i don't even have a family to take care of so i really don't understand how you can do everything. 

So i don't know how it happens it just it needs to happen and so it does. It's one of those things where you're forced into a situation that you haven't really planned for it but it needs to happen and it does i don't go to bed before 1, 2, 3 am!

That's just how it is. That's when i get too tired to produce good work but i could be working like i did at home and work all day and still feel like i don't have enough time on my hands, i just need to be a lot more productive when i work today and use those little cracks into the day where i can fit in a little bit of work.

There's just never - every second of my day has a purpose, there's never a time where i just lay back you know I'm not gonna go and take a nap.

That time is going to be used for everything that just needs to happen because if i do take that time off then that 1 am deadline is pushed to 2 am. It just happens but i do have a backlog so i could be doing a lot more, could definitely be doing a lot more.

#2 nomadic family meaning

So actually the meaning of a digital nomad with a family it's not only work it's not only travel and enjoy time with your family it's a lot of planning? 

So a lot of time we'll tell people that we're planning that 18-month trip we'll tell people will be out of the country for 18 months and traveling obviously and the first thing that i hear is oh you're so lucky! There's no luck to this.

I don't believe that there's any luck to what is happening today. We weren't handed plane tickets, we weren't handed a lifestyle or a setup to that lifestyle. It's been years in the making, we have been saving everything we've earned for the last 12 years, we've been raising our kids in a way that allows us to go for that experience.

None of it is luck, because of the amount of work and the concessions that we've been doing day after day, we don't eat out. Ever. Which for an American family - we're from  Orlando, Florida   - is not happening.

People do not understand why we'll cook three meals a day that allows us to be where we are today, but those are some of the concessions that we've had to make to get there.

So there's no luck to that, and then people telling me oh you're on an 18 months vacation! So ask my kid five minutes ago who was learning how to divide in the hundreds with the remainder, and she'll tell you how is that a vacation: mom i you know they're working on their schooling.

We home-school. Them seven days a week because that's a way for us to spend less time on it but a little bit of it every day helps us get moving into the day. This is not a vacation i mean our kids are moving forward with their school.

This is not a vacation where we're constantly, we're just living differently and we're living location independent from, you know from a home brick-and-mortar home - so none of that is related to, like there's just a lot of things going on, but in February we spent several hours doing our taxes.

Just like you know we would have at home.

We're not on vacation you would not be doing your taxes on vacation we still shop at the grocery store, we're not out eating our life is the same, and it's just lived in a different place every night, pretty much.

Actually being a digital nomad doesn't mean being on holiday but it means working kind of from wherever you like or more like wherever you can. 

Exactly, yes you still have to take care of the normal life like cook pay your taxes and everything else happens. It just happens differently! It's homeschooling happens at the airport, it happens in a train, it happened a few nights ago in a cabin inside a camping ground that did not have a table, so it happened on a bed.

If we were home and home school but the kids would probably be in school but if we were home and homeschooling we'd be sitting at a table the same table every day and we'd have that routine.

Our routine needs to be adapted and flexible, but life happens the same way as it does at home: the kids will still have days where they're not feeling great, they're not you know we're all just human beings and living our life differently but none of our nothing that we would be doing at home is looked over - we're doing the same things that we would be doing at home.

#3 working remotely with a family

And you are still working full time while taking care? 

On top of that homeschooling your kids like at home you would be at school they were at school at home the big question now is what do we do when we go back? We love homeschooling we actually we really do and in about two hours of time every day an hour and a half two hours we cover as much as they do in a whole school day.

We like the independence that it gives us we like the flexibility that it gives us, we usually wake up and it's the first thing we do in the morning.

But today for example we left for a hike very early to beat some of the crowds and so homeschooling happened from three to four pm and that's totally okay.

We're homeschooling so we can do that and we also love how much the kids are getting from traveling so we are homeschooling but also world schooling, so the perfect world school image or concept would be not teaching them school subjects and them learning from our travel experiences, we still home school so we teach them the English and the language arts in the math but everything else they get from traveling.

We all visit sites, historical sites and this turns into their world war one history lesson. We're learning about the oceans and you know there's just when i sent out their package at the end of last year to the lady that looked over their work i came up with a number of topics that was just insane - they learned so much more than they did at school!

And they remember it because they lived it; so yes there's just a lot of it happening. But we love homeschooling and homeschooling on the road is just a beautiful thing, yeah actually homeschooling on the road they are actually experiencing much more than they would probably at home just staying at the same place the whole week more or less and they're not forced to learn something.

They learn it because they experience it, because they're interested in it, so we're  In Slovenia   and we hit a battlefield from world war one with ruins from old houses where some of the generals lived in and that turned into that whole world war one discussion of you know what happened and why but it happened here, so you're feeling it. So now you're not just learning about it, it's inside of you, you've had all of those feelings.

We went to the unfortunate concentration camps  In Poland   and that sparked a lot of questions, and people are asking me are they not too young why would you take your kids those things happen they'll be learning, my daughter's entering the fourth grade she might have even been part of her third grade, i remember learning about it back in elementary school, you know there's no reason why she can't see what happened.

And it turned into a discussion of this is what you have this is your lifestyle but had you been born in a different family a different time this could have been your life and those things they understood it's so much better than learning about it in a textbook and it's inside of them that they can tell you the history because they've lived there, you know they have memories instead of lessons learned.

And we're not feeding them the information where it gets boring and they don't understand why they have to learn about the topic, it's self-led, so they ask the questions; they lead their education on the field, we just give them the tools and the opportunities to learn and then it's 100 their question.

If we take a tour those four tour guides i mean our kids will ask hundreds of questions and you can tell who's good with kids and who isn't, but they can ask you a number of questions and their intellect keeps on going around and they're very curious from the experiences that they've lived.

I think it's a great concept, it sounds like - I'm not sure if we talked about it already but how old are your kids? 

So our youngest daughter is five she turned five during the trip actually they all celebrated a birthday since we left so they're now five and then our son is seven and our daughter is eight, so we try to do something special on their birthdays we can't give them things because we have a certain amount of real estate space they can travel with us and that's three backpacks.

So they get experiences and it's not like we let them choose we'll just try to do something different.

So our daughter celebrated in Fiji she turned eight in Fiji actually on the cruise through the northern islands, and so we took her snorkeling and then on the ship we let her get her nails done and get a massage, and our son turned seven  In Rome   and he went to gladiator school where he learned how to become a sworn in gladiator.

So we try we just try to make it interesting and a memorable experience and they remember that a lot more than the toy that they got last year that you know they have no idea what they got or why they never played with it most likely so those experiences just mean a lot more for them today for sure.

And regarding homeschooling also it's not so complicated because they are more or less the same age and similarly 

Yeah we wanted to time this trip before they start the sixth grade once they enter middle school you really need to be a lot more focused on all of the topics or things that they absolutely have to know we could still world school them during that time but we felt like that sweet spot where they'll still have memories or at least memories of the feelings, because i don't believe our four and five-year-old will remember all of the images.

But she'll have that trip inside of her and that lifestyle living somewhere within her but that sweet spot of elementary school children where they're not missing their friends too much yet they don't really have a very, you know big social life that they'll be missing out on.

They're missing out on some of the sports so we're essentially skipping a year and a half of them you know getting better at their sports but we're so active throughout the day, they're not losing their endurance.

But this was a sweet spot where it's still easy enough for us to teach them and we can still get our work done in about an hour and a half two hours so we see our kindergartner we'll get her work done in 30 minutes or an hour but the third grader will need you know close to two hours on some days and we're very strict with the homework.

Because we want to make sure we're not losing out, we're not falling behind but this just seemed like a sweet spot where we could travel and you know have them continue to be on track with schooling, without us putting in too much effort into it either.

Actually the sports issue isn't only for kids i had the same like when i went for a year long world tour, doing sport, being regular in one sport is very complicated when you are traveling. You don't know where you will be, where you can practice 

That's the thing yeah they were being in gymnastics and we have a singer so those two things are just things that they're missing out on but we're able to keep them active enough that i don't think they'll have fallen behind, they just probably wouldn't have moved forward with their group or their class outside of that.

You know it's really just up to us to keep their brains going and make sure that they don't fall behind in school and they're actually moving forward a bit quicker than we want to, but they're just learning so quickly!

They're sponges, and being able to spend one-on-one time with them every day they learn a lot faster than they did in school. It's mind-blowing! I mean that concept is absolutely fascinating so it looks like it's an amazing experience for your kids at least.

#4 how to be a successful digital nomad with child?

What about you and your husband, as parents do you feel like you are successful in what you are doing? 

We are, we wish COVID wasn't a thing but that's the hint, that we were dealt with just it's the year that we picked it wasn't a good year to travel obviously but we're getting to do a lot more than i think many of the other people that are stuck at home and don't have the ability to move, or in a space where it's unsafe to travel so thankfully we found a way to travel that keeps us and other people around us safe.

We feel successful in that sense that we're discovering things on a daily basis, we're learning as much as the kids.

I learned things on like i was saying world war one and you know we learned things on volcanoes and earthquakes and incredible things that we're learning every day - i could tell you i go to bed every single day and there's something new that i can tell you i learned about today, and we're growing as a family.

We're just we're so much closer than we were when we left because we've left behind that nine to five, the stress of going toward getting your work done, coming home having to deal with the kids that you know, you get home you take them to sports, you come you need to quickly cook and put them in bed and there's just all of that routine where we lose ourselves and we lose touch with each other we're now, and people will warn you that travel full-time watch out you'll be together 24 7.

You'll get on each other's nerves - not at all! We're so much closer than we were when we left or at any point in time in our marriage, we actually celebrated our 10-year anniversary on the road and it was a good time for me to reflect on how much we understand each other today versus even just nine months ago when we left.

We're a team so we know what each other needs to get going, we're that tag team where the kids will get their work done and the house will get packed and we'll get going and i have time to do my work and he has time to plan.

It's just a symbiosis that was created. That's beautiful i think we're being successful from a personal standpoint as well as a travel standpoint. We're seeing a lot, we're singing a ton every day, we're experiencing a lot and i think we're creating amazing memories for our family.

Well that's a big surprise so you are closer together while traveling and being together the whole day than before when you were living the corporate life and the daily routine! 

So much more people will tell us when there's a very tight community on Instagram and then we've met a lot of the families in real life of those full-time traveling families and they'll tell us you know every once in a while just go into a hotel and get yourself two rooms because one room you'll be able to close the door off and the other room you know so to give one parent sometime alone and the other parent can take care of the kids.

Or make sure you have times where you let one of you know the spouses go into a cafe and have time for themselves, we don't feel that need at all, we've been together the last nine months 24 7.

Literally there hasn't been a time where we went on a date or we walked into a cafe alone because we don't need it, we really don't feel like we would benefit from that.

We really enjoy living all of this together!

#5 tips for becoming a digital nomad family

Well that's very interesting. So actually what would you recommend other families that are thinking about like leaving their corporate life to become digital nomads? What would you recommend them to to do and to think about? 

I would make sure that i have a strong setup at home. They're different they're really they're two, there are three categories of people traveling out there.

There's the ones that sell all of their assets

So say you sell the house and you sell the cars and all of your stuff and you leave with a full of money and that full of money you'll be eating out of, and you know that it might afford you a year, you're gonna have two years of travel and then the the downside of that in my opinion is yes you'll travel and you'll have great experiences but eventually you'll need to come home.

And unless you've left a piece of that pool of money somewhere waiting for you, you'll come home and probably move and we see a lot of those families moving with their parents because there's nowhere to move to, you're not going to get a job immediately after coming back.

Strong there's the second group where people work online and they're able to travel

While sustaining some sort of corporate life where they have their own companies that's a great way to travel, especially if you want to travel very on the long term because you're not really stuck in time, you'll need a lot more time to get your work done properly because if you work for a company you'll need to have hours that you're available.

You'll need to enter into a bus if it's your own company you have a lot more flexibility and as long as you can bring in money you'll be able to keep going, you just need to make sure that you have an internet connection, that you're in places you might just visit more urban areas just because you'll need to have that time at home every day where you actively work.

And then there's the system that we did where we left once we were financially independent

So free by that i mean free of mortgages and loans and we put our house in the markets, once the house was free of a mortgage we put the house on the market, on the rental market, and there's income coming in every month from tenants.

Now the tenants can leave which is something that's happening in our situation because of COVID that had to leave the house, but no rental income means no travels.

You have to find a new tenant but that also as long as there's a tenant you can keep on moving and it becomes a lot easier to come up with a daily budget, because you know how much you're getting every month and that transfers into a daily budget that you can use.

Those are the three ways to do it but what i would say is make sure that you're in a position to be location and financially independent where you're not going to be needing to be in a certain place to get your work done or heading home, because you're running out of money once you have that set up the world is open to you.

You do as you please within your budget so actually that is your case you are a digital nomad meaning you are working wherever you are and you have some income coming from from our rental property exactly which means that when we go home our property is our home, we get you know we move right back in and the business continues, and so we have a stream of income when we get home as well.

But you're also working online? 

Yes very much so yes working with destinations mostly today because of the nature of our travel a little bit harder to work with brands that deliver products but able to work with brands that deliver online products, so there's still a little bit of an income stream, it's not a huge part of my work but being able to build my relationship with destinations and show new destinations, some of the work that I've done in the past with others is something that's extremely valuable for me.

I can't put a dollar amount on it, it's not paying for my morning coffee, however it's something that is going to deliver in the long term so the blog keeps growing.

I haven't had to to stop working, I'm able to work as i go by being dedicated and putting in a lot of work, but it works.

My business is flourishing and I'm not, i haven't had to stop anything, I'm able to work as we go, so we're digital nomads in that way that we're still working as we move forward.

And would you say that you are working more on your blog, on your Instagram, on your YouTube channel? 

Instagram probably takes me the biggest amount of time just because I'm a perfectionist and nothing is going to go on my Instagram unless i have edited the photo - not even in a 15 second story which sometimes strikes me nuts because it's the 15 second story that you know might go away but i just i like to show the best of the destinations, and i like to show what it truly feels like to travel with kids to those destinations.

But i can't you know, i don't snap a picture and then put it up online, I'll be slightly editing there's no major editing happening on my channels because i want people to know exactly what they're getting into.

I hate getting to a place and I've seen that beautiful photo and there's nothing to it and you get there and you're just disappointed, so that doesn't happen on my channel. However i take thousands of photos and then i edit, you know some of them, they're the best ones and i hand pick them and edit them and then they go online and i spend a lot of time creating my stories, because i create those permanent highlights that a lot of my audience uses to plan their trips.

But it could be two years down the road so say we're in Norway now I'll have that Norway highlight with all of the places we've been to, all of the things that we've done and people will use those story highlights to plan their own trip, and that gives me a lot of satisfaction to know that I'm helping other families live some of the experiences that we've lived.

And if it's good enough, it's gonna get on to the Instagram so i spend a lot of time just because Instagram is also the way the algorithm works i need to spend a lot of time engaging with my audience, which i love doing but also engaging with other people within the travel, the family travel niche to make sure that you know the algorithm which is that big scary cloud above our heads shows my content to the audience.

So Instagram takes a lot of time and as soon as i get into editing for YouTube or putting in a blog it takes hours, it's just there are hours of work but most of my time has been editing photos and posting to Instagram.

And in your opinion where should a an aspiring digital nomad family start working if they want to become influencer like you? On which platform should they spend the most effort? 

So i think Instagram is still the biggest thing out there, brands look up to Instagram a lot because it's visual and it conveys emotions. I've never worked with any brand or destination that did not require some sort of posting to Instagram, some sort of sharing to Instagram, even if just a story. It's a very visual platform where people can engage.

The only flaw that it has in my opinion is it makes it hard to share content, so I'll see somebody's post and it's a lot harder for me to share it with my audience than a Facebook for example, where the post is going to live there on forever.

You don't really have that opportunity to become viral on Instagram as much as other platforms - then tiktok came up and became this huge thing and companies really started looking for tiktok influencers, but that's sort of dying out, it became a big thing overnight but never really stayed on, so i would definitely work on Instagram from a branding standpoint.

And then Facebook is just a really good platform to get your Facebook and Pinterest to get your content viral, where people will be able to massive share it with their own friends and family, it's just a lot easier to get your content in front of people's eyes there than it is on Instagram, but you share differently on all of the platforms.

Anyways it's not a cut you know one size fit all where I'm gonna put the same thing on all my platforms, they all have - i deal with the platforms and that audience very differently from one to the other.

And now with your experience, so nine months now traveling with your family and working as a digital nomad, which tips would you give to aspiring families that want to go on the road? 

Be flexible, you need to be, it's a daily thing especially as we're traveling during COVID as the whole flexibility where it became that huge thing that i can't even completely explain because it would take a whole podcast, be flexible just know that things will not work out the way you expect them to work and that's another thing when people tell me oh it's a long-term vacation, and i tell them i don't expect this to go, well i do not i expect us to get stolen from, i expect us to you know scratch a car, i expect the kids to have meltdowns.

It's life! You need to be flexible. Some days the kids will wake up and not be in a good mood, but they're human beings, some days will wake up and don't feel like moving, but you know things need to happen, so be flexible with i think or have that mindset that you will need to adjust the plan.

It's not going to go as planned, you'll make the best out of it but you'll need to adapt and then learn to let go. Not everything is going to be perfect like i said you'll get to a destination and you thought it was going to be that wow factor, and it's just not going to be something you're all that interested in.

So learn to let go of a lot of the emotions, learn to let go of the plan which you know ties back to being flexible, that's just my biggest advice.

And then if you're traveling with kids, don't over stress the schooling part, that was one of the biggest thing when we were planning the trip. Oh my gosh, what am i going to do with the kids? I can't let them fall behind. Which system am i going to use? It's okay, they're going to learn so much more than they would at school anyways, and all you need to make sure that you give them is math skills.

That's just not something that they'll be learning you know from walking down the forest, and then just make sure that their language arts this is worked on. But like i said even a fourth grader is going to take max two hours a day, if we work on something really complicated and then if you want to you can home-school. The whole year and cut it down to about an hour a day, and home-school. Throughout the summer the kids don't know any different, you no longer have a weekend, you no longer have a school vacation, that does not happen!

Your days are all the same, you're not in that routine where when i sit all the same and i say you are not in a routine it doesn't make sense because you think well then you have a routine, all of your days are the same, you don't just shut down at 5 pm because it's not end of the day, and you come home and sit in front of the TV that does not happen.

Some of our days go into the middle of the night because that's how late we get to a destination, so just don't over stress the schooling part - it will happen.

The little amount of math and language that you need to teach the kids when you have an entire year to do it, there's no reason to stress about it, so yeah:

  • Be flexible,
  • Learn to let go
  • And don't over stress the school.
Those would be my my top three advice.

#6 wrap-up

Very good tips and actionable! And maybe the last tip would be actually to contact you to start their own blog, right? 

Yes i have so many people contact me, i actually started a blogging school, so i have an online school for learning how to put a blog together, learning how to work with your social media, so i have two classes going on: i get contacted by so many families and i love connecting with them, and they usually get answers that are three or four times as long as they should really be, but hopefully they find some of those tips helpful.

A lot of people will contact me on this schooling, people get really nervous about it which i was a nervous right before we left and i had a few friends who homeschooled and you know i was crying with them then what am i gonna do, how's this going to work and that was one of their advice: it's gonna be okay!

Just you have to believe that the process is going to work and it does it if i could just calm myself down from a year ago, i would today because it's no big deal and then yeah family is just asking you about destinations and how you know the whole process is working, how do you buy your plane tickets, how much do you plan in advance, and what should i pack and all of those things that I've been having running lists and for a whole year, six months, nine months you're trying to fill in the blank i have the experience with, and hopefully it can help other families with planning their dream year, year and a half, two years on the road.

Hopefully! That was a very interesting discussion. Before we finish, maybe you would like to do a closing statement, and tell us a little bit more about what services or consulting you offer to families that are interesting? 

Yeah of course,so my channels they're all under the same handle, we're  Frugal For Luxury   - the reason behind the name is that frugal lifestyle that we've always lived in, continuing living to afford the luxury of traveling so it's a name that i find myself having to explain because it doesn't always make sense, but it's all that money that you're putting on the side doesn't mean that you're cheap or anything!

It means that you're affording luxuries somewhere else because that money is still being spent, so that's our handle on on all of the social media pretty much, and what we offer is really an inspiration for tribal families to make remarkable memories with their children whether at home when we work on our lifestyle piece of the blog, or on the road when we work on the travel side piece, and i do have an online class on teachable where i teach people how to monetize their blog, how to start a blog in a way that you know will get monetized within six months to a year, and how to use the social media in that sense.

So that's us in a nutshell, we don't know how long the world will keep on you know continuing, but hopefully as long as we can, and hopefully we inspire other families to seek out those, especially now with COVID we've really tried to put as many lesser-known destinations, safe destinations on the people's radars because they're so worth.

Like i said, we were just in Poland, i think we would have never been there if it wasn't for COVID those places are so worth visiting. Ah i feel bad for some of them not being known, but there's still that little gem and there's that sweet spot where families need to get there!

So that's us in a nutshell thanks for having me.

Thank you for having joined this podcast!

Michel Pinson
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Michel Pinson is a Travel enthusiast and Content Creator. Merging passion for education and exploration, he iscommitted to sharing knowledge and inspiring others through captivating educational content. Bringing the world closer together by empowering individuals with global expertise and a sense of wanderlust.

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 2020-09-04 -  Mark Phillips
Really great to see coverage of the wider digital nomad community. Laura has some great tips and insights to full time traveling with a family. It may appear to be rare we've met many traveling families over the years. We've been nomads for 5 years and travel with our dog while building a startup. We've found many similarities with Laura's traveling with kids experience.

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