Secure your business while working remote
Secure your business while working remote

Here's the 4 best digital nomad jobs anyone can pick up

What are the best digital nomad jobs?

Everyone wants a job that allows them to see the sights of the world, all while getting paid. Yet, not all jobs allow employees to roam the world as they please while paying them enough so they can. If you are one of those people that have extreme wanderlust, but realize your wallet does not, you should consider an occupation that lets you be a digital nomad.

A digital nomad is someone who is able to work regardless of their location because of their use of technology (generally with a computer, a Microsoft Office‌ license and a Virtual Private Network‌ connection to work securely). Read ahead to find out the four Best digital nomad jobs to be the world traveler you've always dreamed of.

What is a digital nomad? Investopedia

In our opinion, these are the best digital nomad jobs:

  • Software engineer,
  • Content writer,
  • Digital marketer,
  • Business consultant.

Software engineer

If you are the kind of person that loves problem solving and happens to have the travel bug, a software engineer is one of the Best digital nomad jobs for you! Someone who works as this can create software for all different companies, like inventory tracking systems to financial calculators. The kind of projects you can choose from are extremely diverse.

Not only can you do this from anywhere in the world, it typically pays pretty well! Those who hold down this profession make anywhere from 63k to 134k a year, according to statistics gathered by glassdoor. All you need is a laptop‌ to get started and a VPN‌ to secure your clients data. There are an overwhelming amount of free resources available online to start learning like freecodecamp and codecademy.

A laptop
Software engineer salaries - glassdoor

Content writer

Perhaps you think that you can not take your job on the road because you lack technical skills. This is far from the truth! If you can get access to a computer and fancy yourself a pretty good writer then one of the Best digital nomad jobs for you is a content writer. By choosing this job you would get to write about all different kinds of topics ranging from the best hair products to the best kind of pizza!

The only limit is how much work you want to put in. Sites like iwriter and textbroker allow people to pitch a writing idea that they need to have completed. Then, writers have the ability to choose that article to write. Content writers are in demand because fresh content on a person's website or blog generally boosts them higher in search results.

Digital marketer

Digital marketing is a field that combines testing of ideas with analytics to help the performance of a person's business. If an employer needs a better open rate on their emails or a boost to their customer service ratings, that is where a digital marketer can help.

The best thing about being one is that you can do this work all online and from a beach in bali if you so choose. As long as you know your way with a laptop‌ around Microsoft Excel‌ and google analytics (both which you can learn how to use online) along with setting up a private Internet access‌ to ensure your clients data safety, you can deliver data driven results.

Microsoft excel

Business consultant

One of the best work to be able to work as a digital nomad is to become a business consultant, for example by getting an SAP certification online‌ and selling your services on work platforms such as freelancer, uwork, or by networking on linkedin - there are plenty of full remote or temporary jobs worldwide for business consultants.

Sap certification online
Remote sap business consulting jobs on linkedin

The salaries are also very attractive, as you can easily charging up to $100 per hour or a $1000 per day if you are skilled enough. And, in case you are not, it is pretty easy to learn new skills online‌ by following courses on an appropriate platform.

On top of that, you will have plenty of choice of clients, opportunities and possibilities, nearly anywhere in the world - all you need is a laptop‌ with VPN connection‌ along with an SAP access‌ and a Microsoft Office‌ license to be able to start in the best conditions, and find clients right away.

Sap access

The best digital nomads jobs

It is now possible for most people to become a digital nomad nowadays, with or without prior experience. With the easiness to learn new skills online‌ and find contracts simply with a laptop‌ and a private Internet access‌ to secure clients data, all you need is an internet connection to work from anywhere you like, and most of the time anytime you want, leaving you plenty of opportunities to explore the world with some of the Best digital nomad jobs at your fingertip.

Learn new skills online

Pick up one of the Best digital nomad jobs on this list to make money online‌ while you explore the world now!

About the author - Yoann
Former international ERP and Web project manager, he is a digital nomad and world traveler for more than 6 years: one year long world tour, 650+ flights, 1000+ hotel nights, all self organized. Working remote is a way of life, and he wants to share with you his best tips to work from home, telecommute and work remote as digital nomads or home office workers.

Secure your business while working remote
Secure your business while working remote

Secure your business while working remote
Secure your business while working remote

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