The 10 work from home essentials for productive telework

Over the past couple of years, remote work has become an integral part of our lives. We were finally convinced of the need for a home office. Sitting on the couch, at the dinner table or lying in bed, it is difficult to work effectively: concentration is lost.

Telework from home essentials

Over the past couple of years, remote work has become an integral part of our lives. We were finally convinced of the need for a home office. Sitting on the couch, at the dinner table or lying in bed, it is difficult to work effectively: concentration is lost.

This is due to the fact that the brain perceives these areas as places to relax, watch TV shows or eat. Therefore, the work area must be clearly marked, then you will perceive it properly. There are home working essentials for a successful and productive day.

With the new normal happening, after nearly three decades or switching from personal offices to open office, the working class is now doing their jobs in their new office: their homes, teleworking from what is called home office.

Most employers require their employees to adjust to working from home. In order to do this, here are some guidelines to consider and accomplish or perform, to achieve a successful working environment with the help of work from home essentials that will help you boost your productivity, from  a laptop   to an ergonomic office chair through a vpn connection to secure your data.


If you don't have an office/room then find a suitable location in the house which can be conducive to a quiet working space. If you're on a graveyard shift, the dining area or kitchen can be transformed into an appropriate location.


Consider some adjustments in order to achieve your ideal working area. If short of a space, look for things around the house to help setup that area. Dividers or stacked up old boxes can produce a makeshift cubicle. It will also help block some noise and create some privacy.

Internet connectivity and software

This is one vital essential to an effective working capability. Make sure that a high-speed and unlimited data is readily available in the house as you will heavily rely on this especially during online meetings.

It is also important to have  a laptop   that will be able to run all your business software, such as microsoft office and a vpn to secure all your connections.

Work desk

Check if it can hold all the work from home essentials in place. A sturdy table should accommodate the laptop, mouse, headset, writing pad, pens and an occasional mug for coffee or tea. Not to forget the trusted water bottle to keep hydration all the time. It will also enable you to turn/step away from your desk at some point to refill that bottle.


An ergonomic one is preferably suitable, but any chair would do if it is comfortable and able to accompany you through long hours. A couch can also be used but only if not on a call or if just checking your mails.

Headphones/ear buds

When having a meeting, it is advised to have these in order to convey your thoughts clearly. A noise elimination pair will be very useful for the other participants to hear you well.

Laptop stand

 a laptop   stand enables you to work pleasantly as it adjusts to your eye level and places your arms comfortably on the desk.

Also allows flexibility on how you want to position the laptop by adapting the laptop stand to your home setup.

Desk lamp

Most workers still need an additional lighting aside from the laptop glow. This is truly handy when you need to write down some important notes and go back to these as reminders to yourself.

Background music

Background music puts you in a relaxing mode and might help stimulate an idea. Or if everyone in the house is asleep, then just use your earbuds and let the music keep you company during your work hours.

Scented candle

Some people prefer the flicker of light with a touch of scent accompany them while working mostly through the night. It helps calm the mind, spirit and body producing positive work results.

Telework essentials at a glimpse

Even when having to work from home, it does not end your capability to continue doing your work and stay productive - or even increase your productivity.

Remember the basics:  a laptop   with a vpn connection and microsoft office license, along with a comfortable ergonomic office chair to start with!

With the help of these work from home essentials and other work from home best practices along with working from home tips you will quickly master the art of telework!

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 2020-09-20 -  Smita Singhal
like your tip on checking to see if your shoulders slouch when sitting at a desk. My wife recently got a job working in a cubicle and she has been complaining about how her spine has started hurting from sitting in her chair for long periods of time. I’ll tell her to not slouch her shoulders so her spine doesn’t hurt at work.
 2020-09-23 -  admin
Indeed, sitting on an office chair for too long isn’t so good. It is a good idea to get a laptop stand to avoid sitting too much.
 2022-08-30 -  Pohomele
Great website, the content of the website is very interesting and I learn a lot from it. Please go on.

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