What Is VPN Configuration? Ios Security In 7 Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered what is VPN configuration? Well, it’s just technical jargon for simply saying “setting up a VPN connection”, on any of your devices – pc, android, or ios devices. Before we jump into the meaning of all of this we have to know a little bit about what exactly is a VPN.

What is a VPN?

A virtual private network, which is also called as VPN for short, means a service that creates a connection from your device (computer, cell phone) to any other network. There are some locations with an internal intranet that can’t be accessed unless you are present on-site. VPN services create a secure pathway by rerouting your connection to that site.

We can use it when sipping a cup of delicious mocha in a nearby café and logging onto their public wi-fi. The VPN will mask our location by redirecting our connection to a different location end-point.

If we simplify it further, it can be used to make your iphone look like it is physically present in another location. You can use this feature to bypass your country’s regulations and access sites that you couldn’t access otherwise. Sites like streaming services and many more.

What is VPN configuration?

As mentioned earlier, VPN configuration means setting up a VPN on a device. for this example, we will use an iphone. There are 2 ways of doing this either getting a service to do it for you which means automatically or doing it yourself which means manually.

Using a VPN service is a no brainer on your ios devices. Go onto your app store and pick a provider and then install its application. There are many great service providers out there like the “tunnel bear”. These services are easy to operate, fast, and offer a reliable connection to the internet.

What is a VPN configuration? A VPN configuration tells a device connected to Internet from which secure server the connections should be sent through

Then there is manual VPN client configuration. To set it up manually, you must have set up information, like username, password, remote id. You can always ask your systems administrator if you don’t have this information.

Setting up a VPN service on ios devices

Step 1 - search VPN in app store

Open up your app store and type in VPN in the search bar.

Step 2 - choose a provider

Choose a VPN service provider such as  RUS VPN ‌  and download the app.

Have a look below at the list of the  Best VPN ‌  easy to use for iPhone to select the best one. It might be a good idea to  Create a vpn ‌  account with your chosen VPN provider before downloading any app, and get the one from that provider.

Have a look at the  Best VPN ‌  monthly deal for your planned use, and select the right VPN deal to use on your iPhone to protect your privacy.

Step 3 – open VPN app

Open the app and create an account so that you can use the service. Once you have created the account go-ahead and sign in.

Step 4 – install VPN configuration

After you have signed in, you will be asked to give permission so that the app can install a VPN configuration to your ios device. Tap allow and the VPN will be configured automatically on your iphone.

Step 5 – enter touch id

You will again be asked to enter your touch id or passcode depending on the device that you have. Don’t be scared and permit the app with the passcode or touch id so that it could change the VPN settings on your device.

Step 6 – tap on connect

Next tap on connect in the app and your device will be connected to the internet via the VPN.

Step 7 – use your VPN!

Enjoy browsing the web with total privacy and security.

Some of the best VPN easy for iPhone

Now that you know  What is vpn configuration ‌  and how to set it up on your iPhone, you might still be wondering what is the  Best VPN ‌  provider to use for your phone’s privacy.

There is no single answer to that question. However, the  Best VPN ‌  might no be so easy to select, and it might be better to rely on a  VPN Monthly Deal ‌  comparison to select the cheapest one for your usage.

Best VPN easy for iPhone

  1. RUS VPN, Cheapest VPN for one month or 3 years subscription
  2. Ivacy VPN, Cheapest VPN for one year subscription
  3. SurfShark VPN, Cheapest VPN for 2 years subscription

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