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Rusvpn is a brand new vpn service provider, but their users count is already over 200,000 worldwide. They offer a premium service at a cheaper price in comparison with other established providers.

What is rusvpn service?

Rusvpn is a brand new vpn service provider, but their users count is already over 200,000 worldwide. They offer a premium service at a cheaper price in comparison with other established providers.

Rusvpn once offered a free trial, but it is no longer available. Nonetheless, they still maintain the 30-day money-back policy.

If you really only want a free trial, you can get a 7 days trial for free on mobile devices such as apple and android.

What is a vpn?

A virtual private network (vpn) is a tool used to encrypt all internet traffic and cover the user’s identity by altering the ip address they are using to connect to external websites. A vpn can help you to:

Why should you use rusvpn?

Founded in 2019, rusvpn aims to build a reliable, unlimited and secure vpn system. After only 1 year in action, they have quickly marked their position by providing fast and cheap vpn service for over 200,000 users worldwide.

This vpn has discontinued a free trial option that had been available for a while.

However, you can still sign up to test their services since there is still a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied and want a refund - but this will most likely not happen, as their service is of great quality.

How to get a mobile free trial?

To get a free vpn trial on your mobile devices, you can download the rusvpn app from google play or apple app store, sign up for free, and they will give you a 7-day free trial.

This trial is applied for the mobile devices only; when a plan is fully subscribed, you can use vpn on all devices.

How to sign up?

For signing up, you still have to add your credit/debit card and keep in mind that you can cancel anytime in the payment/subscription section.

If you shut down the plan before the expiry day, no fee will be charged. Otherwise, you have to open a new account with a new credit/debit card, which can be very inconvenient.

Rusvpn plans

If their service meets your demands, you can consider subscribing to a plan to enjoy all features.

The prices that rusvpn offers are quite competitive, compared with the ones of other vpn service providers:

  • For 1 month: $9.99/month
  • For 1 year: $4.99/month
  • For 3 years: $2.99/month
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With the premium version of rusvpn, you can enjoy all the below benefits:

  • Privacy and security: the vpn hides your real ip address from internet. No one can track your activities.
  • Protection against hackers: by using military encryption, rusvpn has recorded no dns leak so far.
  • Unblock websites: bypass the block by connecting you to many servers around the world.
  • Multi-platform support: get a plan and all your devices can use the vpn service.
  • High speed: surf the internet with no delay. You can’t compare your internet connection speed with and without the vpn, as it is faster using a vpn.
  • Kill switch: shut down all connections if the vpn doesn’t work.
  • 24/7 customer support service. They also have live chat on the website.

Rusvpn drawbacks

A drawback of rusvpn is their limited number of servers. Rusvpn provides 362 servers in 38 countries while the other experienced vpn can offer over 1,000. However, rusvpn is a young vpn provider and 362 servers is still an impressive number for just 1 year of operation.

Best vpn server location

We've tried several of their servers, to find the best one - and most of them are actually helping us getting a faster connection!

Having a vpn at home is definitely a great option not only to secure all communications on internet, but also to get a faster web connection without changing plan with the internet provider.

See below the scores we got with different vpn connection locations over the world:

  • Without vpn: ping 9, download 11.83mbps, upload 16.41 mbps
  • With rus vpn canadian server: ping 117, download 16.6 mbps, upload 9.53 mbps
  • With rus vpn czech server: ping 46, download 101.36mbps, upload 10.40mbps
  • With rus vpn dutch server: ping 54, download 9.7mbps, upload 6.74mbps
  • With rus vpn uk server: ping 49, download 21.8mbps, upload 12.19mbps
  • With rus vpn ukrainian server: ping 55, download 99.93mbps, upload 14.21mbps
  • With rus vpn russian server: ping 69, download 48.32mbps, upload 11.01mbps
  • With rus vpn greek server: ping 77, download 97.1mbps, upload 10.33mbps
  • With rus vpn us server: ping 144, download 48.33mbps, upload 3.47mbps

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