Digital Nomads lifestyle: How do they actually live?

Digital nomad lifestyle

The term digital nomads describes a group of people who are not tied to a city or country. Their work allows them to be anywhere in the world where there is electricity and the Internet. The digital lifestyle of nomads is a relatively new phenomenon. Despite this, it attracts a lot of attention. The authorities of progressive countries strive to create comfortable conditions for free professionals. For office workers, the life of a digital nomad seems like a real dream: being on a constant journey through warm countries - what might not like it? However, the reality is not so simple. The ideal picture journalists paint does not include the challenges and complexities of digital nomads. How is the existence of those who do not stay anywhere for a long time really arranged?

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What is the actual lifestyle of digital nomads?

An hour of work at a laptop, and then a beach and a nightclub - this is how some media paint a typical day for a nominee. Digital nomads work a lot, they just do it in more pleasant weather conditions than office workers.

A freelancer's daily routine depends on three things: his personal preference, his ability to organize his work day, and the difference in time zones. For example, a nominee needs to be in touch from three to eleven in the afternoon. Then he can devote the first half of the day to his business, and go to bed - almost immediately after completing work.

Working 1-2 hours a day is a myth. Digital nomads are often freelancers who need to not only complete current projects, but also look for the following sources of income. Therefore, they spend the same 8 hours at the laptop screen.

They can devote their free time to hobbies: walking around the city, going to cafes, meeting other foreigners. Among the nominees there are many people working on their own creative or business projects. Freelancing gives them the opportunity to find time to write books or develop products.

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Advantages and disadvantages of being digital nomads

The laptop is a working tool for more and more people. The digital lifestyle of nomads allows you to leave a minimum of routine. Nomads don't have to waste time commuting to work, chatting with colleagues and participating in endless meetings. They do not need to reduce their productivity: if they manage to complete the work in two hours, then there is no need to stay in the office for all eight.

Frequent travel saves you from boredom and gives you the opportunity to get to know the world. Nomads can visit the most famous museums, taste dishes of various national cuisines and admire the most beautiful landscapes.

The disadvantages of this lifestyle include an unstable financial situation, the need to interact with the authorities of foreign countries and the lack of a permanent circle of friends. A decrease in income can happen to every freelancer, but it is more comfortable to experience it in a familiar environment. Therefore, many experts advise to accumulate an airbag before embarking on an endless journey.

Communication with representatives of the migration service, police and tax authorities is unpleasant in your home country. Digital nomads have to do this without knowing the language and having only a basic understanding of local laws and regulations.

It is not always easy for nomads to find friends in new countries. There are entire online communities dedicated to bringing people together from all over the world. It is useful to know English to communicate with other digital nomads.

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Is the digital lifestyle of digital nomads sustainable?

Not everyone can pack a suitcase and go on an endless journey.

This requires:

  • a suitable profession is one that makes it possible to work remotely;
  • knowledge of English;
  • financial safety cushion;
  • ability to live and travel light;
  • desire to understand the laws of different countries.

As long as a freelancer meets these requirements, they can remain a digital nomad. From conversations with representatives of this group, it becomes clear that life without luggage is addictive. Living in a suitable country, they spend minimal money on rent, food and entertainment. If the region where they are staying is attractive to digital nomads, then there are no problems with finding friends and romantic partners. In its ideal embodiment, the digital lifestyle of nomads is a minimum of household worries, interesting acquaintances and always good weather.

What makes people refuse to constantly change their place of residence?

1. Financial problems

Among freelancers, the rule of three thirds is popular: one third of income should be spent on housing, the second on current expenses (food, clothing, entertainment), and the third on savings. In theory, each nomad should have savings for a rainy day. The flow of orders may dry up, unforeseen situations may run out of financial stock. However, not all digital nomads are responsible for budgeting. Situations in which money remains only for a ticket to your home country are not so rare. Someone, after such an experience, accumulates funds and returns to their usual way of life, while someone decides that he has enough. If you really have to find yourself without a livelihood, then it is better to be in your home country, where you have someone to turn to.

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2. Difficulties with the law

We are not even talking about crimes. Not all digital nomads take the trouble to study the laws of the host country. This can lead to unpleasant incidents: for example, a foreigner violated the terms of stay or did not pay tax. The language barrier and lack of access to consular assistance limit the ability to negotiate with local authorities. Expulsion from the host country with a ban on returning is a good reason to think about how to live again in your homeland, where everything is familiar and understandable.

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3. Health problems

The life of any nomad, including digital, is suitable for young healthy people. However, a serious illness that requires constant medical supervision can disrupt plans. There is a correlation between the “budget” of a country and the quality of health care in it. In countries with affordable prices, medicine is not always able to meet the needs of digital nomads. In turn, in developed countries, medical services are often too expensive for foreign citizens. In such cases, the homeland becomes the best option - there, affordable medical care is relied on by birth.

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4. Desire to settle down

The desire to start a family also comes to digital nomads. Being in constant moving with small children in your arms is quite difficult. Perhaps, in the future, governments will think about creating more comfortable conditions for family nomads. So far, few decide to combine such a lifestyle with the presence of their own family.

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5. Feeling lonely

Non-binding conversations in a foreign language also become boring. If a person wants to establish stable connections, then the easiest way to do this is at home. It is easier to find close friends and romantic partners among people with similar life experiences.

6. Family difficulties

Sometimes older relatives are forced to end up with a nomadic lifestyle. When parents reach a certain age, they need the attention of children. The desire to care for their elders prompts some freelancers to return to their home country.

Perhaps the situation will change in the coming decades. At the moment, it is convenient to roam for young people who are not burdened with a family. However, already now the governments of many countries are simplifying the laws, making them more convenient for foreign specialists. It is likely that over time, the authorities will begin to think about special kindergartens and schools, as well as medical care for family members of digital nomads. Then their way of life will become much more stable.

What should digital nomads avoid and watch out for?

Recovering into the unknown sounds very romantic, but the digital nomad should avoid this urge.

Each country has its own laws and ideas about what is permissible. Before buying a ticket, you should study them. Southeast Asia is a popular region among nomads. Despite the fact that they turn a blind eye to the observance of the laws, the laws still work. With an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, you can come into the field of view of law enforcement officers for obscene dances or insulting religious shrines.

Lack of awareness about the life of the country can result in financial losses. For example, renting a home at an overpriced price.

It is best to go to a new place of residence fully armed: with health insurance, rented housing and contacts of other foreigners who are ready to bring up to date.

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