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The modern world is such that watching a movie at home using an online cinema, delivering food from a restaurant to your home, working from home are the essentials.  online courses ‌  for work from home are becoming more and more popular today. Unfortunately, professional certification is not often offered. In the event that professional certification programs existed, there would be much more work from home in the labor market. Today, for business owners and managers of various levels, there is an opportunity for online training with the subsequent receipt of the certificate Basics of work from home.

As you earn your Work From Home Essentials certification, you will gain the skills you need to start (or continue) a telecommuting career. Through this training course, you will gain and deepen your knowledge in the following areas: customer service, communication, cyber security, time management and many others. This is a great tool with which you can easily convince an employer that you are serious about the telecommuting role. It will take approximately 20 hours to obtain the certificate. In addition to the certificate, you will receive a baggage of knowledge that will allow you to start working from home.

To obtain a certificate, you must complete the Basic Skills and Core Curriculum courses. The Basic Skills course includes the study of the foundational concepts and disciplines that will form the foundation necessary for a better understanding of the material contained in the Core Curriculum course. After completing this course, you will gain in-depth knowledge and practice the skills required to obtain the Essentials of Work from Home certification.

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The Basic Skills course includes the following disciplines:

Business productivity in the workplace.

Due to performance issues, the company loses millions of dollars annually. As you study this discipline, you will gain specific skills, backed up by strategies and techniques that will save you money, time, and hassle. You will learn three key aspects of productivity: productivity skills, project management, and teamwork. It has long been proven that productivity training like this increases productivity and increases profits.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Business productivity in the workplace.

The art of goal setting.

By studying this discipline, based on years of research and principles of success, you will learn to set goals and objectives as efficiently as possible. You will gain knowledge of strategies and tools that simplify goal setting and enable you to significantly improve the results you get from achieving those goals. Setting goals correctly is a very important life skill. Great results are achieved when you set the right goals for yourself and achieve them.

Work From Home certified Online Course: The art of goal setting.

Learning to learn (introduction).

Are you taking full advantage of the learning opportunities you face in your daily life? Despite the fact that no one disputes the importance of learning, not all people achieve the desired level of learning. Often people are so focused on getting their jobs done that they miss out on important lessons. This discipline will help you understand what exactly the learning process consists of, why it can be blocked and what needs to be done to learn as much as possible.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Learning to learn (introduction).

The art of motivation.

In this discipline, you will learn how you can change your life and career for the better. You will learn the foundational techniques, tools, and strategies needed to take your life and career to the next level as you reach your full potential. Once you master these basic skills and techniques, you will realize how limitless your potential is.

Work From Home certified Online Course: The art of motivation.

Drafting effective emails.

Let's face it - email is an essential part of business and everyday life. The average U.S. employee receives an average of 125 emails daily. Most workers say email is inconvenient and uncomfortable on an already stressful workday. This discipline will help you find ways to write better and smaller emails, which in turn ensures that your emails are read and answered.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Drafting effective emails.

The core curriculum consists of the following disciplines:

Customer Success Guide.

Poor customer service inevitably leads not only to the loss of the customers themselves, but also to the loss of income. This discipline will teach you some customer experience techniques to ensure you attract and retain customers that are best suited to your business. Customer service is the foundation of your company's future, so customer service at the highest level should be put at the forefront.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Customer Success Guide.

Support: do it right.

How companies interact with people at their first contact is often critical. As the saying goes, if you don't take care of your customers, someone else will take care of them. Designed by renowned expert, educator and author in the field of communication skills, Professor Bernard Moss, this training is ideal for anyone who communicates with people on behalf of various companies.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Support: do it right.

Business communications.

This discipline is a hands-on course aimed at business owners, directors and other leaders, which contains information about tools and strategies to improve your relationships with colleagues and partners. You will gain insight into communication skills that will allow you to diversify your communication.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Business communications.

How to negotiate with a difficult person.

Need help dealing with difficult people? It can be a daunting task, but this discipline will give you the practical skills learned from an experienced psychologist. You will learn how to manage the most difficult people and situations. The skills have been tested in practice and produce great results.

Work From Home certified Online Course: How to negotiate with a difficult person.

Cyber ​​Security: Think Before Clicking.

Learn to protect yourself from cyber criminals. Hundreds of times every day, attackers try to gain access to your computer, email, messages and other confidential information. Cyber ​​security expert Ken Dwight will take you on a tour of the world of cyber security, including various attack methods, methods used by attackers to try to get you to click without thinking.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Cyber ​​Security: Think Before Clicking.

Tips for maximum productivity: triple it today.

This discipline will teach you how to maximize your performance. Do you want to get more done while leaving time for the things that matter most? Did you have the feeling that you did almost nothing, even though you spent almost the whole day at your desk? Good news for you. There is a simple formula to end procrastination and get you done more in less time ... and we'll share it with you.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Tips for maximum productivity: triple it today.

Business stress management.

You will gain practical information on the tools and strategies needed by business owners and managers of all levels to reduce and manage stress at work and in business. You will learn to understand the causes of stress and understand how to deal with stress in the future.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Business stress management.

Time management in business.

This discipline will give you practical time and productivity management tips, tools and strategies that you can immediately put into practice by developing your own time management action plan.

Work From Home certified Online Course: Time management in business.

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