Today's best remote digital marketing jobs

Nowadays different jobs linked to digital marketing can be carried out remotely, as they do not need a specific physical location. An individual can develop in digital marketing while traveling around the world and earn money thanks to their remote employment. Here are the best remote digital marketing jobs.

Ux designer

The job of this professional is to make the interaction between users and a company's digital products and services very positive. He is also in charge of maintaining a high quality in the contents, an aesthetic image and making sure that the company projects reliability.

In simple words, a UX designer is a specialist who creates or develops a product so that it is as effective as possible, solving the main problems and tasks of users. For example, he thinks over an application for ordering a product or service so that all elements are logical and understandable, and the client immediately understands how to use it.

This is truly one of the best remote jobs in digital marketing. Since it provides the opportunity for freedom of movement on a daily basis.

Social media manager

The social media manager is the professional who creates content for the social networks of a brand or company. This content must be in accordance with the public image that the brand or company wants to project. The social media manager works together with the community manager to improve the communication of that brand or company with customers and potential customers.

Community manager

The community manager is the professional who deals with processing and managing the social networks of a brand or company. He/she is responsible for adding clients, fans and followers to a company's social networks. The community manager must interact with them, listening and analyzing their opinions. One of the most important goals of this professional is to build a stable relationship with customers, which lasts over time.

The difference between a community manager and a social media manager is that the former manages a brand's social networks, while the latter creates content for them.

Digital analyst

The work of a digital analyst consists of analyzing in detail the effects of an action that a brand or company makes on its digital media. Based on that information, the digital analyst proposes changes to improve the experience. This professional must also identify problems, control website traffic and draw conclusions about the information he or she handles.

Mobile marketing manager

This professional is the one who creates and applies online marketing strategies aimed at mobile phones. The reality is that everyone has a cell phone, so it is essential to create digital marketing strategies specifically aimed at that mobile device. The cell phone has a fast and easy access to the internet, which favors the application of creative ideas that generate more sales.

Seo consultant

The work of this professional consists of achieving that a brand or company has a powerful presence in the first places of the most important internet search engines. The final goal is that this brand has a high traffic and therefore get a greater number of customers.

Neuromarketing specialist

The job of a neuromarketing specialist is to study the entire purchasing process of a client: before the purchase of the product, when it is actually purchased, and the final follow-up after the product has been purchased. This specialist analyzes the behavior and emotions of the client in the purchase process.


The remote digital marketing jobs allow the individual to balance professional activity with personal life. That's why this way of working will be increasingly popular around the world.

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