The Single Best Microphone For Digital Nomad [Reviewed]

How to find the best microphone for digital nomad?

Being a digital nomad myself for 6 years, and recording audio content for my online business courses or my YouTube channel, I have always been using either my laptop's built-in microphone, or my earphones, both of them not being great options, as the sound recording is pretty feeble if the sound recording volume is not set to 100% in Windows Device properties for microphone, but is recording any and all ambiant sound, even far away from my computer, such as outdoor cars or running heating, if I don't set it to 100.

Therefore, after years of bad audio recording for my digital nomad ventures, I finally decided to acquire a higher quality microphone.

What is the best microphone for digital nomad?

For years, I thought that the only professional quality microphones would be large ones like the YETI microphones, which looks great, but will never fit a digital nomad's bag, in which every single cubic centimer of storage counts.

All in all, the following criteria are crucial, order by importance.

Criteria of a digital nomad microphone

  1. takes as little space as possible,
  2. records professional quality sound,
  3. can be used in a variety of situations,
  4. is affordable.

These criteria actually aren't much, and made me stumble, after weeks of research, comparison, and doubt, on the final choice that is actually a great one, having now being using it for a few weeks: the RØDE smartLav+, a lavalier microphone with professional grade audio recording.

Unboxing the RØDE smartLav+

The small box in which the RØDE smartLav+ is delivered is a great introduction to what's actually inside, a simple microphone on the other side of an audi JACK connector along a kevlar cord, a tie clip, a secured storage pouch... and that's it!

The mounting instructions are pretty straightforward, as all you have to do is to insert the microphone inside the tie clip, and make sure that there's enough cord lying around the tie clip to absorb small movements that always occur when tying the microphone to a shirt.

And, that's it, your RØDE smartLav+ is ready to go for a test.

It is actually plug-and-play, so if you're using it on  a laptop ‌  like I do, there is nothing to do at all, except of plugging it in.

RØDE smartLav+ review: the best microphone for digital nomads

On first usage, I directly went to Powerpoint to start recording various videocasts and compare the sound with my new RØDE smartLav+ microphone, compared to the previous options I was using, the laptop's built-in microphone, and my JBL headphones.

At first, I didn't change my previous sound recording settings, which were set up to avoid recording ambiant noise, at 45% microphone volume.

I didn't hear a big difference with these settings, except that sound recording was a little louder.

However, after turning the microphone recording sound up to 100%, the difference was uncanny!

My voice recording actually was great, without any external interference being messing up with the final result, and it did sound just as it should, clear and professional.

After an other test with the two other recording options just to compare, I knew that my investment of about $60 was definitely a good one.

Looking at the size of the RØDE smartLav+ microphone, it is definitely a great option for digital nomads audio recordings, can fit any pocket or be added to any laptop pouch, without taking any extra very important storage space, at a reasonable price tag, and with a great sound result!

RØDE smartLav+ review

  • Light and small
  • Professional sound quality
  • Secure storage pouch
  • Pop filter included
  • Does not record ambiant noise
  • Affordable and well priced
  • Cord only 1 meter long
  • Must be worn close to speaker
  • Sound cannot be played while plugged

In conclusion: should you look further for a digital nomad microphone?

The RØDE smartLav+ definitely is a great option for a digital nomad for which sound is not the primary source of income, but a secondary tool beyond laptop and smartphone, as there are higher quality and better microphones around, that also allow to play sound or plug your  earphones ‌  to hear your podcast recording for example.

However, if you only record sound from time to time, and focus on recording sound when you do, meaning you do not need to hear any feedback from your computer, such as someone talking in a Zoom call for a podcast recording, then the RØDE smartLav+ microphone is a great choice, professional, light, and affordable!

★★★★⋆ The Single Best Microphone For Digital Nomad [Reviewed] A great solution for digital nomads, the Rode SmartLav+ has got a single flaw that you cannot hear sound meanwhile. However, the solution to record interviews with smartphones, audio during videocast, online courses and many other digital creations.

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