Secure your business while working remote
Secure your business while working remote

Top 5 destinations in asia for digital nomads

Digital nomadism has altered the common misconception that traveling is considered a mere luxury. These new trend of lifestyle mainly by tech-forward youngsters crashed the stereotype that traveling is the perfect way to lose money.

Instead, they have opened the eyes of many on how to work remotely while traveling to different parts of the world every week or month - digital nomadism usually is synonym of spending longer period of times at different locations, and accomodating to local culture and making new acquaintances.

Maximise the use of internet by working remotely

Top 5 destinations in asia for digital nomads : Digital nomads working remotely in a coffee
Digital nomads working remotely in a coffee  

Thanks to the modern technology, an increasing number of professionals who have maximized the use of internet, softwares and gadgets to fulfill their wanderlust.

It becomes possible to go places and work remotely while maintaining a steady paycheck. This phenomenon is set to take on the modern work culture especially since most young people are ambitious and certain when it comes to accomplishing their bucket list.

These Digital nomads‌ are usually people who invest their talents and expertise in knowledge economy. They Best digital nomad jobs‌ include graphic designers, content writers, video editors, tutors, travel bloggers, developers, e-commerce gurus and basically any profession that makes use of a laptop‌ and an internet connection for their deliverables.

However, the lifestyle demands a strong sense of self-discipline - this applies for work and at the same time with spending. For people aspiring to be a digital nomad the things you might one to consider is finding an affordable accommodation by using the cheapest booking tool existing, reliable and fast internet connection, rich and yet cheap local cuisine and riveting culture. If you plan to venturing this modern work culture, this list features the Top destinations in asia for digital nomads:

Bali, indonesia

Top 5 destinations in asia for digital nomads : Doors to the beach in bali
Doors to the beach in bali  
Flights to bali
Flights to bali 

If you want a big break from the city, bali is the perfect spot for you. The astounding hindu-asian architecture and the local cuisine are only two reasons to consider this place on your list.

The craft coffee, and a number of co-working spaces in its every corner, the organic vegan food, and sunlit beaches will improve not just your work-travel lifestyle but will even bring serenity and calm on your spiritual state making it an ideal destination for work and healing.

Chiang mai, thailand

Top 5 destinations in asia for digital nomads : White temple in chiang mai, thailand
White temple in chiang mai, thailand  
Flights to chiang mai
Flights to chiang mai 

The best thing about this nomad destination is that is one it is cost-effective and two it is filled with cafes. Cheap and would keep you up for your deadlines, who would not want that right?

Not to mention, the co-working stations and local culture of northern thailand to discover. It also has a well-established network of nomads and tourists. The slow pacing of life will snatch you all the pressure and the native's friendliness will surely bring you warmth.

It's a big bonus as well that you can land a fine dining options for just about two dollars.

Kuching, malaysia

Top 5 destinations in asia for digital nomads : Night view of kuching, malaysia
Night view of kuching, malaysia  
Flights to kuching
Flights to kuching 

This rising paradise for nomads has been tagged as the next chang mai. Kuching, has everything a nomad needs and the community is getting bigger. With better and lenient visa regulations, the possibility of staying for three months is not far fetched.

Not to mention the ease and cost-efficient lifestyle in this city. It's one place to consider especially for beginners in digital nomadism.

Taipei, taiwan

Top 5 destinations in asia for digital nomads : Beautiful city of taipei, taiwan
Beautiful city of taipei, taiwan  
Flights to taipei
Flights to taipei 

Taipei is a growing destination ideal for nomads. It is not limited to english tutors anymore. The country capital, has embraced technology and has become a digital nomad hotspot.

With its open culture, the hospitality of people and even their fluency in english, this 24-hour city has one of the easiest environment to adapt to. Also taipei is the perfect place for a foodie nomad. And geographically speaking, another advantage is the convenient links it has to southeast asia, china and japan.

Add this destination to your list and be amazed with what this country has to offer.

Phong nha, vietnam

Top 5 destinations in asia for digital nomads : Sea view in phong nha, vietnam
Sea view in phong nha, vietnam  
Flights to phong nha
Flights to phong nha 

Last but definitely not the least is phong nha, which is a small yet growing nomad destination. This adventure capital of southeast asia has fast and cheap internet which is a must requirement for every digital nomad.

In addition, it has a variety of restaurants and small-village feel that could bring you a tranquil and gorgeous atmosphere, not to mention it is one of the most beautiful and sought after places in vietnam.

Plan your next move in one of the top destinations in asia

Planning for your next move? Catch the beauty of these places in asia and explore the oriental side of the world.

All you need is to have a laptop‌ to allow you to work abroad, and get a travel visa‌ to stay as long as you'd like along with a travel health insurance‌ to overcome any inconvenience that might arise on your journey.

Be adventurous and driven with your goals wherever the wanderlust in you takes you.

About the author - Yoann
Former international ERP and Web project manager, he is a digital nomad and world traveler for more than 6 years: one year long world tour, 650+ flights, 1000+ hotel nights, all self organized. Working remote is a way of life, and he wants to share with you his best tips to work from home, telecommute and work remote as digital nomads or home office workers.

Secure your business while working remote
Secure your business while working remote

Secure your business while working remote
Secure your business while working remote

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